Texense Wireless Torque Sensor (WTS)
Texense Wireless Torque Sensor (WTS)

Type: Sensors
Vendor: Texense


The Texense WTS (Wireless Torque Sensor) measures driveshaft or axle torque on race car applications such as single seaters and sports cars.

Wireless Torque Sensor Datasheet

The system includes:

   - WTS module which is an assembly of strain gauge + strain gauge amplifier + transmitter + battery into a two parts housing.
The WTS clamps around the shaft and turns with it.

   - ANA2WM is the receiver installed in the car in order to collect the data from the WTS. This module provides a CAN output.

Different frequencies are possible (and programmable through our CAN): 1Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz or 100Hz.
With one ANA2WM, you can collect data from two WTS modules transmitting at 50Hz.
However, if you want to do higher frequency such as 100Hz, you need to use 1x ANA2WM per WTS.

The in house manufacturing allows us to create different sizes for the WTS in order to fit different shaft diameters.
For specific request, feel free to contact us.