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Motorsports Electronics has been in business now 6 years! Thank you so much to our fantastic customers! It's because of them we get to work on these amazing projects and share in the successes and accomplishments we all work hard to achieve!  

Here's a short summary of some of our favorite projects and our biggest accomplishments:


The Dusold Designs Camaro-

This car was wild from the start. Mike Dusold and crew created a modern monster out of their 1967 Camero. MSE was tasked with engine tuning to take on the 2020 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Driven by Tommy Boileau the car showed record open class pace before a mechanical failure took us out of contention. Our continued relationship with Dusold Designs drives us full speed into 2021 PPIHC providing custom Motec M1 Firmware, tuning, component selection and engineering support.

Dusold Designs Website

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Era Motorsport-

Era Motorsport is a premier historic racing restoration and motorsport business with a wide range of capabilities. Every car that enters that shop leaves faster! Era makes use of all of MSE's services, full chassis loom wiring projects, engine tuning and trackside data, engine and engineering support. Era motorsport recently expanded into professional motorsport as well campaigning an Oreca 07 LMP2 prototype in IMSA Weathertech, European Le Mans and Asian Le Mans series. MSE provides data and engineering support at these events as well!

In just 2 years of pro racing we have secured multiple IMSA Podiums, The 2021 Daytona 24hr win and 2021 Asian Le Mans AM Class Champions!

Era Motorsport Website

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1989 Nissan NPT90 fully modernized with Motec M1 ECU and PDM32 Nose to tail wiring harness with similar sensor and data package as a modern LMP1 car.


2011 HPD ARX03b Converted to Motec M1 ECU by another wiring company, Engine tuning and track engine/data support provided by MSE


2020 Era Motorsport Oreca 07 LMP2



The Sendy Club-

Winners overall at 2019 Pikes Peak International Hill climb this fantastic group of engineers designed a car specifically to take on the overall "King of the Mountain" honors out of their home garage in LA. Dubbed the Wolf GB08-TSC the car took us to the 2019 win on only our second attempt, but the team has even bigger plans! Pilot and chief engineer Robin Shute leads this group and we are proud of their accomplishments and happy to call them friends! MSE provided wiring as well as engine development and tuning for 2018-2019 PPIHC and continue to support them in all their exciting endeavors!

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