Pi Research Cosworth Omega D2 Advanced Dash Display and Logger


Used Pi Omega D2 Advanced Dash Display and logger

The Omega D2 is a flexible display and can be used with your Pectel ECU or with sensors directly. It can also accept serial and CAN streams from most popular ECU's. See the Menu document at the bottom for complete lists!

Includes Pi LED Shift light module


The D2 Advanced includes 128MB logging for use with Pi Toolbox, the most powerful data analysis software available. Inputs for the following direct wire in sensors:

Oil Temp., Oil Press., Coolant Temp.,
Fuel Press., 2x Thermocouple,
Throttle(%), Steering(%)
RPM, Beacon, GPS
2 x Wheelspeed
brake pressures F&R
and damper positions x4

 It's fully configured by the buttons on the sides, with an option to add your own wiring to remote locate the buttons for scrolling, alarm acknowledge ect.


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We're more than happy to help with any questions or supply a quote for wiring into your existing car! 


Shoot any questions or offers to sales@motorsportelectronics.com


Datasheet: (D2 is D1 with Logging)



User Guide:



Menu Document: