Texense INFKL Infrared Temperature Sensor
Texense INFKL Infrared Temperature Sensor

Type: Sensors
Vendor: Texense


Texense's "Racing series" range of infrared temperature sensors allows contact free tire temperature measurements.

INFKL Datasheet

With its reduced dimensions, the INFKL allows easy installation of your application. The built-in electronics make your work easier.
This sensor is also perfectly suitable for FSAE application.
The INFKL products are delivered with a linear output signal.
Depending if you are using 4 or 12 sensors, you will be able to control the following parameters:
   - Ideal working range of tires
   - Time needed to get tires up to correct conditions
   - Balance of the car
   - Lateral load transfer
   - Tire compound and construction
   - Tire wear
   - Camber
   - Tire pressures
   - Steering and suspension geometry
   - Driving style
   - ...

Note: other sensors are needed to control these parameters. To make data analysis alongside the IR tire temp, an accelerometer, steering angle sensor and wheel speed sensor might be needed.
You can respectivelly find them under AXL-5, Potentiometer (RPS) and VR-09.

We recommend our customers to clean the infrared sensor lenses with alcohol every day.