Texense THNx4-CAN Digital Thermocouple Conditioner For CAN Bus
Texense THNx4-CAN Digital Thermocouple Conditioner For CAN Bus

Type: Sensors
Vendor: Texense


Texense is proud to release its new 4 ways thermocouple Amplifier (THNx4).

Based on the digital version of Texense's patented thermocouple connector/amplifiers, the THNx4 version brings high accuracy in a compact housing and delivers the 4 readings through the CAN Bus.

THNx4-CAN Datasheet

As per the single version, any type of junction is available, K, J, T.... as well as different temperature ranges.
On the CAN side, several parameters are user configurable:
Baudrate, emission frequency, ID, °C/°F.
The product is designed in line with dimensions 80x33x11mm.
5 to 16V supply voltage and operating temperature - 20 to 100°C allow the use of THNx4 for embedded testing.

Texense has been developing a range of sensors suitable for embedded testing in automotive applications for more than 10 years.

These sensors are used when conditions are harsh and limited in space.

From the beginning, Texense has been working constantly on temperature measurements to create a range of infrared sensors, as well as thermocouple amplifiers.

The new THNx4 is the next logical step of their expertise in thermocouple temperature measurement.

NB: a 24V supply voltage version is now available